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View of the selected part of the drawing in a zoom

by raspe last modified 2004-03-25 11:40 AM

Immediately after the marking of the selected area Digilib calculates out of the original 450 Megabyte TIFF file a part and sends this to the user's browser. At the moment, additional functions of Digilib are only available with the plug-in "Alcatraz" for the Mozilla browser. They allow to show the image in the exact size of the original on the screen or in congruency with the screen (i.e. 1 pixel on the screen = 1 pixel of the digital image); contrast and colours can be changed (of course, without influencing the original scan file) in order to see details better. With these tools, real scientific work with the images in an interactive mode online from any internet connection in the world is possible - even with low data transportation rates. (The access to the images and their parts can be restricted to certified users as well as the access to the textual database entries themselves.)

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