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by raspe last modified 2004-03-18 01:24 PM

Introduction to the usage of Lineamenta and examples for database entries and scans

German version of this document.

Lineamenta offers - beside textual information in all database entries - also high resolution scans of the original drawings. But unfortunately, because of the legal situation we are not able to allow free access to these scans: We are working constantly with our partners in the institutions who own the originals and therefore the copyrights for their digital representations to convince them of the advantages that a free access to the high resolution scans for researchers would have also for themselves. But in many cases the institutions are not even legally allowed to decide these questions on their own. Therefore, we want to ask you to contact the institutions yourselves and ask them for free or almost unrestricted access to these parts of the database.

The following links show a few commented screenshots to give you a short overview of the basic functions of Lineamenta and its possibilities for scientific work with the entries as well as with the scans.


  1. Main database entry for a sheet from the Accademia di San Luca, Rome
  2. Working view of the same database entry for editing
  3. Show a certain drawing on the sheet's recto by "mouse-over"
  4. Database entry of the chosen detail drawing on the recto
  5. View of the detail drawing shown by the inter-active image server Digilib
  6. Marking a part of the image for zooming
  7. View of the selected part of the drawing in a zoom

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